About CMW

Celebrate Me Week (CMW) is a week-long camp that was designed for teenagers going into 7th grade.  We believe that it is important to celebrate the unique individuals that we are.  Throughout the week, campers are given tools to help get through some of the tough things that adolescence can bring such as peer pressure, low self-esteem, conformity, and relationships with friends and family.

Our Impact

For over 30 years, Celebrate Me Week has been working with teenagers with a wide variety of backgrounds throughout many communities to give them the tools required to recognize and develop the best versions of themselves. 

Check out our annual impact report to see just how big of an impact we have on our communities.

Our founders talk about the history of CMW

Contact Us

Have a question you need answered?  Feel free to reach out to us on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or contact us via phone or email.  Please note that during the summer (while camp is in session), you can also reach us via mail at our camp location listed below.

Celebrate Me Week

PO Box 51
Mapleton, MN 56065

While Camp is in Session

5050 Patterson Rd
Madison Lake, MN 56063